Our main focus lies in the production of motion pictures and musicvideos.

Here you can see all our projects

Pablo Infernal - The Doctor (2017)

The lead singer of the swiss newcomer band Pablo Infernal, goes through a crazy trip, thanks to his Rock'n Roll doctor.

Undead Apocalypse (2011-2017)

Undead Apocalypse is a postapocalyptic webseries, about a group of survivors. During their stories, of loss and despair they meet several other survivors, some of them friendly, others deadly and the inevitable undead that lurks everywhere.

Katharsis (2016)

Katharsis is a shortfilm about patient in an asylum. During her stay in the mental institution, she's struggeling with violence and sexual abuse from the caretakers.

Operation Aquila (2013-2015)

Operation Aquila are short eventtrailers for the swiss airsoft Team Helvetic Eagles. They tell the story about the abduction and the escape of the infamous nuclear scientist doctor Olaf Berger.

Heroes of the night (2017)

Heroes of the night is a short documentary about the snowcat drivers of the St. Moritz ski resort.

Unbezahlbar (2013)

Unbezahlbar "Invaluable" is a short film which we produced for the 99-firefilms contest. The story is about a day, where money is suddenly worthless.